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Become an English Teacher

Discover a world of travel and endless opportunities to experience new cultures. We offer a range of courses depending on your teaching and travel needs.


Study Online and in the Classroom

Enjoy using a modern online learning platform with interactive lesson material such as videos, quizzes, weblinks and engaging lessons. We also offer some courses in the classroom so you can meet with the trainer.    

Find Jobs Worldwide 

We provide job guidance and connect you with many schools worldwide to help get you started! 

You could find yourself in Europe, Asia, South America or even Africa.





20 Hour Introductory TEFL Course

Want to travel overseas and teach conversational English in non-English speaking countries?  

This 20 hour course is ideal. Take it online or in the classroom. 


20 Hour Grammar Course

Take this course to build your confidence and understanding of the basics of English grammar. 

Just what you need to know to get started in the classroom! Study online at your own pace. 


60 Hour Cambridge TKT Course

Take your knowledge of teaching English to the next level with this TEFL course that also prepares you for the Cambridge TKT Course. Packaged into our CERT IV in TESOL you can elect to sit the official Cambridge exam separately for an extra fee. Online study.


CERT IV In TESOL (Australia Government Accredited)

Upgrade to this course to teach in Australia and other English speaking countries. All prior courses are pre-requisites and packaged into our CERT IV In TESOL.  





All courses gain credit for the CERT IV in TESOL and are prerequisites. You can upgrade the 20, 40 and 60 hour courses to the 120 hour if you need.


Teach in Australia


You will need to upgrade to the CERT IV in TESOL as this is required by NEAS registered schools in Australia. The CERT IV in TESOL is equivalent to full qualifications in other English speaking countries.